About MstudioM Web and Graphic Design

Marian Myszkowski - web designer on Whidbey IslandMstudioM is me, Marian Myszkowski. I chose the name studio because it's so closely related to the arts...there's the painting studio, dance studio, photography studio, film studio. Web design is very much an art. You put a whole bunch of different stuff together and you want it to look really, really good.

I've worked in the marketing and promotions field for over 20 years on the East Coast at Harvard University and the Boston Architectural College (BAC). Here on Whidbey Island, I've been happily employed at Goosefoot since 2004. My strong entrepreneurial leanings have been put to work in the non-profit world by running fundraising programs, developing alumni relations programs, promoting special events, and building audiences. All marketing, all the timeā€¦

My strong eye and ability for graphic design were developed while working at the Harvard University Art Museums and the BAC.

As content designer and web master for the websites of Goosefoot and the Freeland Chamber of Commerce, I became interested in learning how to build websites as well.

In MstudioM, all of my talents and skills are combined and put to use for designing websites: from conceptualizing a design and copy editing to writing the code and uploading your site. MstudioM's design programs of choice are Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and InDesign.

I look forward to helping small business and individuals succeed with their dreams!